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Katische Haberfield

Katische Haberfield

Katische is an Intuitive Sound Healer and Incarnation Guide who helps you transform your life by understanding, releasing and modifying karmic emotions and behaviour through sound, aroma and light journeys across time. (Past Life Regression with a twist!)

Intuitive Sound Healer & Incarnation Guide
Katische Dionne Haberfield

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Using Your Ears as an Organ of Consciousness

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After having children, Katische ditched the corporate life as a Management Consultant and University Lecturer to explore all things related to our senses. Our five senses help us explore what it is to be human, and help us realize that we are so much more than a physical body. Becoming aware of our senses helps us transcend them and open up to our timeless divinity- and the understanding that we heal emotions across time and incarnations through sound.

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