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Keynote Speaker: Joanna Hunter Visionary Muse and Mentor to all Summit Speakers

Ruby Coupe

Ruby Coupe

Artist, zine maker, nature lover and joymaker bringing colour to your life. I inspire others through positivity and awareness so they may be the happiest they can be.

Positivity Artist
Dotty Delightful

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Ruby is a spiritual artist, joy maker and colourful mystic!

She inspires people to ditch the grey of their lives and live their lives in full colour inside and out with her communities, art, zines and online presence. Her mission in life is to help people see the magic all around them and have a deeper connection to nature, creativity and the cycles of life. In turn they connect back with their true essence to find contentment and happiness in everything they do.

From teen mum in a DV relationship, so poor she burned furniture to keep the house warm, to a full time creative, with a fine arts degree, living the life of her dreams, playing, creating and growing in abundance daily.