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Keynote Speaker: Joanna Hunter Visionary Muse and Mentor to all Summit Speakers

Sarah Marcotte LICSW

Sarah Marcotte LICSW

Licensed Psychotherapist

Holistic Psychotherapist & Empowerment Engineer
I AM Safe to Shine

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Sarah is a licensed holistic psychotherapist who specializes in treating trauma and anxiety in children, adolescents and adult women in her private practice in Massachusetts, USA. As an empowerment engineer in her I AM Safe to Shine business, Sarah offers empathic, intuitive & sound emotional and mindset support to women who are ready to reconnect to their inner power. She especially loves working with women who embrace woo. Sarah enjoys learning and continually brings new healing modalities to her practice. She is inspired daily by her connection with the natural beauty of the outdoors and serving her courageous clients. The Empowered Woman Edition of her signature group program, (R)Evolutionary Renewal, will be released this fall! You can join her on Facebook, in her group, Heart Harmonizers, to connect now.

Get Sarah’s free guided meditation, Shame is a Beacon for Love, when you watch her talk.